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Little Lentil Love

"Little Lentil Clothing is a babies clothing shop that takes eco-friendly and sustainability to the next level. Not only are their clothes 100% organic, failabor produced and the softest little staple pieces EVER, but if you send them your used baby clothes youll receive 15% off your Little Lentil order!

This makes for a happy mama, a happy and cutthreaded baby, and peace of mind knowing those used clothes will never reach a landfill." 

- Kelsey, Mom from Michigan

"I love that Little Lentil has the Loved Again program! I will definitely be getting more! I already got it today and it's amazing, such good quality and so soft!!"

- Sara, Mom from New York

"Besides the darling details in the design of Little Lentil clothing I am very impressed with the sturdy quality of their organic cotton pieces. My toddler is very hard on her clothing and Little Lentil is designed to move and play in (survive the wash). The pieces are soft and made sustainable with the earth in mind. I am so happy with the overall outcome of the product including customer service that I will be a continued customer." 

- Shereen, Mom from Vancouver

"I have searched high and low for a more sustainable way to honor my kids’ clothes and our resources and I am SO excited to find Little Lentil Clothing. Their clothes are a-dorable and they’re organic, fair labor produced, and when Heidi grows out of these clothes, I can send them back to the company and I’ll get a credit for purchasing new pieces. Little Lentil is helping extend the life of children’s textiles in a sustainable, resourceful way and when the clothes can no longer be used, they responsibly recycle them!

I feel like one of the best ways we can respect ourselves and each other is to respect our resources and reuse them. It’s really awesome to think that after Heidi has made memories in this little dress, there’s another child out there that will get to go adventuring in it too."

- Kelly, Mom from Michigan