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How Little Lentil's New Clothing Capsule Wardrobe Helped Simplify Mom Life

Posted by Sara Foti on


Let’s get real Mamas, we are all juggling more than we need to.

Juggling schedules, household tasks, work responsibilities… all while trying to maintain some semblance of a social life with friends and, oh yeah, a relationship with our husbands. If any of you are anything like me, figuring out laundry and an organizational system for of allllll of the tiny clothes for a new baby can feel overwhelming. I’m a new mom, and I will say figuring out a way to store all the adorable outfits, and remember what goes with what, was a task I did not take to effortlessly. And there is nothing worse than changing out her drawers for the next size up and realizing that adorable onesie from my best friend- the one that I’ve been MEANING to put my daughter in since she gifted it to me at my shower- was rolled up in the back, and it is now too small. Babies are only in each size for such a short time, and how do we know what clothes they really need? Will I want long sleeves or short sleeves by the time she’s in 6-month clothes? And what leggings came with this sweater? Do any of these onesies have pants that actually match? Not to mention, how do I make sure my kid is in an adorable insta-worthy outfit in case the moment arises?!

I, like so many people, have recently been binge-watching “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo, and feeling super inspired. I actually read her book years ago, when I was in the process of an international move, and it hugely helped me to purge and feel at peace with finally donating those old bridesmaid dresses and sentimental knick-knacks. However, in the years since, I have unfortunately fallen back into some of my old ways, holding onto way too many things because I may want them “someday.” Hearing Marie Kondo’s message again now, when I’ve entered this new stage of life as a first-time mom, has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I really want to live minimally, but some of my hoarding tendencies have unfortunately resurfaced as I’ve aspired to be a fully prepared mom.

Between my baby shower, and many generous friends and family members, I am swimming in baby gear and clothes. Before my daughter arrived in December, I was filled with a worry that I wouldn’t have “the right” swing, or swaddle, or, worst of all, enough clothes for her. There is just so much conflicting advice and well-meaning information out there, so I registered for ALL of the things. Any “must-haves” recommended to me I either received as gifts or bargain shopped for, and people have given me amazing hand-me-downs. The people I love have been incredibly generous, and I’ve been so grateful, as it truly does take a village, and I have a great one. But I’ve held onto EVERYTHING. Now a couple months into this mom thing, I have thankfully relaxed a bit in feeling like I need to have every baby item anyone has ever recommended. While I’ve been able to figure out some of the big things- what bassinet she will actually sleep in and what bottles don’t work for us- I have not had as much luck curating her wardrobe.

My daughter’s dresser is organized by size, and I’ve done my best to fold and organize the drawers in the Marie Kondo folding style, so I can see everything in front of me. But my daughter is growing so much more quickly than I could have ever anticipated- she is only two months old, and already the 3-month baby clothes are getting too tight on her!  I find myself becoming anxious about putting her in that adorable outfit from my aunt and making sure I get a picture of her in that cute onesie from my mom before it’s too small. But the funny thing is, even with many outfits to choose from, my husband and I find myself constantly putting her in the same simple outfits over and over- the ones that are soft, warm, and uncomplicated, without a million pieces and snaps.

This is why Little Lentil’s Capsule Program makes me feel like I’ve found the perfect solution. With all of the balls we have in the air as moms, getting our beautiful babies dressed each morning should NOT be a source of stress and anxiety. Being able to clearly see all my baby’s clothes laid out in front of me, in coordinating shades that I can quickly grab to effortlessly mix and match, helps me feel relaxed and organized. It takes a weight off me knowing I don’t need to go out and stock up on another six sleep-and-play outfits to form the core of my daughter’s wardrobe in the next size up, when I know they’re overpriced for both the quality of fabric and amount of time I will use them. Being able to order a capsule wardrobe keeps things simple, and knowing the clothes are ethically made and are from quality, organic fabrics that are safe and soft against my little one’s skin even make me feel like I’m doing some things right with this whole mom thing.

I also love that I don’t even feel guilty about my daughter wearing something only once and rocketing out of it with a growth spurt, because I know I can send back the clothes for the next size up, and try some new pieces, or even get the exact same ones again if I feel like I didn’t get quite enough wear out of something (or an adorable instagram of my daughter in an outfit). That helps me feel guilt-free in purging, because I know the clothes will be used again or recycled. And yes, I know I really should go through and purge a lot of her other clothes as well… baby steps.

My strategy for my capsule? I am just going to stock up on neutral essentials- leggings, joggers, tees, and a dress all in natural- and get just a couple different patterned pieces in each size to sprinkle in for some color and variety. That way, I can still make sure I get the pic of my daughter in the cute-but-totally-impractical sweater from my second cousin, but I know I have beautiful essentials that will match with anything else I have and form the core of my daughter’s wardrobe. So I can pair the sweater with the natural joggers, and everyone is happy. I know I have something to match every other article I have, and I still have these beautiful, soft, simple pieces to grab when my brain just can’t remember which furry vest is supposed to pair with which patterned onesie.

Having one less thing to juggle in this new mom role? To me, that definitely sparks joy.

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