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Friday Feature: Renai Wright from @raisingemwright

Posted by Katie McNamara on

Each Friday we share parenting stories from around the world. This week, we feature Renai Wright who lives in Toronto, Canada. Check out her Instagram @raisingemwright where she shares her motherhood story.

What is the hardest part of Motherhood for you?
The hardest part about motherhood is just finding balance between my two littles needs and the everyday things like not letting laundry pile up to my ears lol
What is your favorite aspect of motherhood?

My favourite part about motherhood thus far is just being able to impart things into my children and creating memories with them.

What is your favorite activity for quality time with your children?
My favourite activity is a toss up between dancing & story time! My eldest loves music almost more than me lol it’s the cutest once he starts dancing!


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