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Friday Feature: Kristen Love from @TheLoveNotes

Posted by Katie McNamara on

Each Friday we share parenting stories from around the world. This week, we feature Kristen Love who live in Illinois with her family. Check out her Instagram @TheLoveNotes where she shares her motherhood story.

What is the hardest part of Motherhood for you?

For me, the most challenging thing about motherhood is not being able to “do it all,” even though I really want to!! There just aren’t enough hours in the day— & not enough coffee, ha! I find myself feeling defeated when my to-do list still has a zillion things on it, but I’ve been trying to be mindful to celebrate all the little moments & victories in the day that often go unnoticed. 💗

What is your favorite activity for quality time with your children?

My favorite activity for quality time with my kiddos is art! 🎨 I love watching them bring their imaginations to life on their sketchbook pages. All of their design & color choices are unique to their personalities & it’s always fun to hear the stories unfold about their creations!!


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