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Friday Feature: Courtney Purcell from @Sunmoonandmama

Posted by Katie McNamara on


Each Friday we share parenting stories from around the world. This week, we feature mindful Mama Courtney Purcell who lives in Australia with her two daughters and husband.  See her interview below, and check out her Instagram @Sunmoonandmama for more tips on minimalism, motherhood, and all things mindful mom life.

What is the hardest part of Motherhood for you?

The hardest part of motherhood for me has been coping with emergency situations with my children and also recovering from the anxiety that they have brought upon me. I have an accident prone toddler and she’s always up to something. The feeling of having to act quickly to save your own child from something horrible that’s happened to them, whilst watching them in unbearable pain, and also having to comfort them at the same time is almost too hard. You wonder if you have the strength, but you always do because you have to be strong for them. You have to reassure them everything will be ok, but sometimes you’re not always sure of that. (Isla practically amputated her finger when she was one and a half, and I was with her on my own).

What is your favorite part of Motherhood?

Having my child fall asleep on me or next to me. That feeling of seeing them peaceful, content, secure, and loved, gives you all the magical maternal feels.

What is your favorite activity for quality time with your children?

My favourite activity for quality time with my child is going on an adventure for the whole day with them. We often do this on Fridays. I get our home all weekend tidy on Thursday nights, I pack a picnic and everything we need for Friday, and then we head out for the whole day just to hang out and get happy. We often go exploring Rockpools, or on a bush walk, we go to a cafe, and maybe to the park several times. And then we come home to a clean and tidy home. Although, quality time really can’t get much better than a fun dance session with my girls.


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