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5 Tips for Sustainable Gifting This Holiday Season

Posted by Katherine McNamara on

The holidays with children can be such a joyful time of year. Witnessing your little one experience your family’s traditions for the first time is nothing short of magical. It brings us back to basics and helps us to realize that it’s our familial values, celebrations, and time spent with loved ones that matter most of all.

 Then there’s the waste…

From decorating to gifting, the holidays can be unreasonably wasteful. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, American household waste increases by more than 25%. This equates to an additional one million tons of trash sent to landfills each week.

It can be challenging to show your loved ones you care without sacrificing your own personal values. Below we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite tips to help you sustainably gift this year. 

  1. Consider handing down toys or clothing

Pass on household items that might no longer be of use to you, but are still in great condition. If you have close friends with new babies, this is a great time to gift gently used toys or clothes. Check out resale shops or companies that are helping keep goods in use for longer. Our Loved Again by Little Lentil Program offers gently used, quality organic clothing at up to half off the price of new items.

  1. Shop organic, ethically made items

When you do want to gift brand new, consider the source. Choosing organic materials made with ethical practices is both better for the earth and for the employees who make the goods.  Check out this Macrame Baby Play Gym, made of organic, sustainable materials. 

  1. Give a gift card

When you don’t know exactly what someone may want or need, it’s best not to guess. Many well-intentioned gifts that aren’t wanted end up in landfills. Instead of gifting something that might be thrown away, purchase a gift card to one of your favorite shops instead. This way your friend or loved one will have the option to purchase something that will be of use.

  1. Make a donation

Shopping for someone who has it all, or just doesn’t need another thing? A thoughtful donation to an organization that aligns with their values and passions can show them that you thought of them mindfully, without the waste.

  1. Rethink your wrapping

Reuse wrapping paper and gift bags or get creative and use items like newspaper or magazines. If you don’t have much leftover gift wrap, consider skipping the wrapping all together.

We’d love to hear what some of your favorite sustainable holiday gifting strategies are in the comments.

This holiday season we wish you less stress, fewer things, and more love!


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